Advance Excel Video Tutorial in Hindi & English Mix Language

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Advance Excel Video Tutorials in HINDI

Now a days, many jobs require advanced Excel skills. Naturally, you are interested to know what are these Advanced Excel Skills?

Formulas, Functions, etc make Excel smart. With out them, Excel is just a data keeping tool. But by using formulas, you can crunch data, analyze it and get answers to most complex questions. While anyone can use a simple SUM or IF formula. An advanced user of it would be able to seamlessly write & combine formulas and get the desired results quickly. Apart from knowing the formulas.

In this Video Tutorial of Advance Excel, learn how to create efficient formulas and functions in Excel to tabulate and analyze numerical, date, and text data.

For anyone contemplating a career in business, finance, science, engineering, medicine, education, information technology and management, spreadsheet skills are essential. While the grid of rows and columns looks daunting to the uninitiated, a great advantage can be gained from Excel with just a very few skills that can be learned in just few hours of Training through Video Tutorials.

To become an Advanced user in Excel, you need to have good knowledge of Excel. This is where this Tutorials / Training programs come in handy. Through this course, many people across the world have gained vast knowledge on excel and have become pro, and are using in their day to day work life.


Tutorial : Advance Excel Tutorials
Language : Hindi and English Mix Language ( Mostly Hindi Language )

Complete List Of Tutorials

  • If,And,Or Functions
  • Array Functions
  • Autofill And Custom List
  • Autosum With Row Reference And Column Refrence
  • Concatenate
  • Condition Formatting With Mod Function
  • Convert Function
  • Countblank And Counta Function
  • Creating Combo Box
  • Large And Small
  • Find, Search And Mid Function
  • Formula Copy Shortcut
  • Hyperlink Through Drag And Drop
  • Index Function
  • Information Function
  • Left And Right Function
  • Macro In Excel
  • Match And Index Function
  • Match Function
  • Mod Function
  • More Text
  • Nested If
  • Proper,Upper And Lower Function
  • Rank Function
  • Replace And Substitute Function
  • Sumif,Countif And Averageif Function
  • Sumifs,Countifs,Averageifs Function
  • Text Functions
  • Transpose Function
  • Vlookup
  • Weekday
  • Form Creation Using Developer Tab in MS Word
  • Insert And Edit the Data in Multiple Worksheets
  • Insert Watermark in Excel 2010
  • Quickly Transpose Data Using Shortcut
  • Turn Off And On Worksheet Tabs And Scroll Bars

    Excel - Tips and Tricks

  • Changing Gridline Color And Hide Or Show Formula Bar
  • Cycle Font Color
  • Specify The Behaviour Of Enter Key
  • Changing Label Orientation
  • Selecting Group Of Cells
  • Changing Worksheets Orientations In One Go
  • Selecting Ranges With Keyboard
  • Shortcut To Viewing Formulas
  • Switch Between Workbooks
  • Create Button
  • Manipulating Objects
  • Deleting Graphics When Deleting Row
  • Hide Graphics
  • Change Column Label In Number Label
  • Change Shape Of Comment
  • Controlling Display Of The Scroll Bars
  • Print Gridlines And Headings
  • Print Page Number At The Bottom Of Each Page
  • Print Several Portions Of A Worksheet On A Single Paper
  • Printing A Draft Of A Worksheet
  • Printing A Portion Of A Worksheet
  • Printing Rows Conditionally
  • Printing Without Opening Workbooks
  • Hiding Errors On Printout
  • Print Comments In Excel
  • Quickly Copy Formula
  • Quickly Insert Current Date And Time
  • Open A Copy Of A Workbook
  • Centering The Worksheet Data
  • Create Bar Graph
  • Applying Range Names To Formula
  • Entered Values Are Divided By 100
  • Share Workbook
  • Split Column Data
  • Trick To Change Predefined Group Name
  • Trick To Create Own Tab
  • Trick To Insert Picture Comment
  • Trick To Open Specific Workbooks
  • Unprotect Only A Portion Of An Excel Spreadsheet

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