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    Business Studies Video Tutorials in Hindi

    Business activity affects the daily lives of all human as they work, spend, save, invest, travel, and play. It influences jobs, incomes, and opportunities for personal enterprise. Business has a significant effect on the standard of living and quality of life of human, and on the environment in which they live and which future generations will inherit.

    In this Video Tutorial of business studies, you may build a strong foundation for new business, possibilities to stabilize / improve existing running business, or move on to further study and training in specialized areas such as management, international business, marketing  etc.

    Business studies clearly demonstrates how a variety of areas of study can be combined in productive activity. Courses in this discipline provide knowledge and skills that can help students make a successful transition to secondary education, business or in career.

    If you wish to gain knowledge on business studies without going to classes or institutes then this is the best option for you. With this you can learn on your own computer and at your time.

    Subject : Business Studies

    Language : Hindi and English Mix

    Disk : 2 ( Two CD )

    Duration : 5.41+ Hours

    Sample Tutorial : Click Here

    Course / Syllabus Detail

    Disk 1

    • Nature and Significance of Management  - 0:14:39  Hour
    • Management and Business Environment  - 0:15:32  Hour
    • Organizing -                                                      0:30:56  Hour
    • Staffing -                                                            0:19:51  Hour
    • Principles of Management -                         0:16:15  Hour
    • Planning -                                                          0:31:06  Hour
    • Controlling & Supervision -                        0:16:20  Hour
    • Directing -                                                         0:35:58  Hour

    Total : 3:00:37

    Disk 2

    • Financial Management  -                              0:38:53  Hour
    • Marketing Management -                              1:00:04  Hour
    • Financial Market -                                            0:45:28  Hour
    • Consumer Protection -                                    0:16:02  Hour

    Total : 2:40:27