C Programming Video Tutorials + C Programming Book

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C Programming Video Tutorial / Training in Hindi + C Programming Book

C is a high-level and general purpose programming language that is ideal for developing firmware or portable applications. Originally intended for writing system software. This tutorial is designed to be a stand-alone guide to learn C programming, even if you've never programmed before. 

This Video Tutorial of C Programming is in Hindi and English MIX language. If you wish to learn C Programming in Hindi, without going to classes, then this is the best product for you. In this tutorial pack there are many aspects of C Programming syllabus is been covered and explained in Hindi, and English where required which gives very good understanding to learner. Different and multiple aspects is been covered in this C programming Hindi Video Tutorial learning pack. This is an comprehensive and ideal learning tool for students as well as professionals.

Tutorial : Audio Video Tutorial in Hindi and English Mix Language ( DVD )
Book Binding - Paperback
Language - Hindi

Syllabus covered in Video Tutorials are mentioned below...

List of Video Tutorials

  • Introduction Of C Language
  • First Program
  • Datatypes,Operators And Expression
  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Bitwise Operator
  • Assignment Operator
  • Conditional Operator
  • Logical Operators
  • Increment And Decrement
  • Control Sturcture
  • Type Conversion Part1
  • Type Conversion Part2
  • Sizeof()
  • If Statement
  • For Loop
  • Switch Statement
  • While Loop
  • Goto Statement Part1
  • Goto Statement Part2
  • Function
  • Passing Parameters Between Function
  • Passing Parameters Between Function Example1
  • Passing Parameters Between Function Example2
  • Basic Of Pointer
  • Pointer Example1
  • Pointer Example2
  • Recursion
  • Recursion Part1
  • Scope Rules
  • Array
  • One Dimension Array
  • One Dimension Array Part1
  • Two Dimension Array
  • Two Dimension Array Part1
  • Array Pasing In To A Funtion
  • Array And Pointer
  • Call By Refrence
  • Full Array Pasing In To A Funtion
  • What Is String
  • String Example
  • More About String
  • Pointer And String
  • Pointer And String Part1
  • Standard Libray Function Of String
  • Strlen()
  • Strcat()
  • Strcmp()
  • Strcpy()
  • Two Dimession Array With Characters
  • Two Dimession Array With Characters Example
  • Array Of Pointers To Strings
  • Array Of Pointers To Strings Part1
  • Substring
  • Structure
  • Structure Example
  • Nested Structure
  • Nested Structure Example
  • Array And Stucture
  • Array In Stucture
  • Array Of Structure
  • Structure With Typedef And Pointer
  • Structure With Typedef And Pointer Example
  • Union And Structure
  • Union And Structure Example
  • Enumerated Data Types Part1
  • Enumerated Data Types Part2
  • Bit Fields Part1
  • Bit Fields Part2
  • Operation On Bits
  • One'S Complement
  • Right Shift Operator
  • Left Shift Operator
  • Bitwise And Operator
  • Bitwise And Operator Example
  • Bitwise Or Operator
  • Bitwise Xor Operator
  • Console Input And Output
  • Formatted Input And Output Function
  • Formatted Input And Output Function1
  • Formatted Input Scanf
  • Escape Sequence
  • Sscanf() And Sprinf()
  • Unformatted Input And Output Function
  • Unformatted Input And Output Function Example1
  • Unformatted Input And Output Function Example2
  • Unformatted Input And Output Function Example3
  • File Input And Output Function
  • Open And Closing Of File
  • Open File Example
  • Reading A File
  • Reading A File Example
  • Copy File
  • Copy File Example
  • String Input And Output Function
  • String Reading Example
  • Record Writing Example
  • Record Reading Example
  • Text Files Vs Binay Files
  • Binary File'S Example-Copy
  • Record Input And Output Revisited
  • Record Input And Output Revisited Example 1
  • Record Input And Output Revisited Example 2
  • Delete File
  • Rename()
  • Command Line Argument Part1
  • Command Line Argument Part2
  • Strorage Class
  • Static Storage Class Part1
  • Static Storage Class Part2
  • Automatic Storage Class Part1
  • Automatic Storage Class Part2
  • Register Storage Class Part1
  • Register Storage Class Part2
  • External Storage Class Part1
  • External Storage Class Part2
  • External Storage Class Part3
  • The C Preprocessor
  • Macro Expansion
  • #Define Example
  • Macros With Argument
  • Macros With Argument Part1
  • Macros With Argument Part2
  • File Inclusion
  • Conditional Compilation Part1
  • Conditional Compilation Part2
  • Conditional Compilation Part3
  • Conditional Compilation Part4
  • Miscellaneous Directive
  • #Undef
  • #Prgma Statup And #Prgma Exit
  • #Pragma Warn
  • Predefined Macros
  • Memory Management
  • Malloc()
  • Calloc()
  • Realloc()
  • Free()
  • Error Handling
  • Perror() And Strerror()
  • Divide By Zero Error
  • Date() And Time() Part1
  • Date() And Time() Part2
  • Date() And Time() Part3
  • Date() And Time() Part4
  • Date() And Time() Part5
  • Date() And Time() Part6
  • Debugging
  • Exercise 1
  • Exercise 2
  • Exercise 3
  • Exercise 4

C Programming BOOK in हिन्दी - Contents.  Pages - 283

1. Introduction   :  परिचय

2. 'C' Program : Essentials   :  C प्रोग्राम आवश्यक

3. 'C' Program : Basics  :   C प्रोग्राम प्रवेशिका

4. Control Structure   :   कंट्रोल structure

5. Function and Storage Classes   :   फलन  स्टोरेज क्लास

6. Arrays and Pointers   :  अॅरे व पॉइन्टर

7. Structures and Unions   :    Structures और Unions

8. Input and Output Streams  :   इनपुट और आउटपुट  Streams

9. The C Preprocessor  :  C प्रीप्रोसेसर


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