CISCO CCNA | ICND - Video Tutorials CD


"CCNA/ICND" (Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices) will prepare you for the Cisco CCNA Certification test # 640-607. This tutorial is the basis for all Network Training. In this tutorial instructor, will cover general networking knowledge, troubleshooting of networks, and the specific Cisco, IOS and CLI interface. You will also learn about the OSI Model and the uses of hubs, bridges and switches. Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks are covered in depth and much more.

Developed by : VTC

Introduction and Overview

Overview pt. 1 (05:17)

Overview pt. 2 (05:45)

The OSI Model

Development and Reason for Model (03:49)

Overview of Layered Architecture (06:52)

The Application Layer (05:51)

The Presentation Layer (04:11)

The Session Layer (04:13)

The Transport Layer (06:03)

The Network Layer (03:18)

The Data Link Layer (04:05)

The Physical Layer (04:56)

Collision Domains vs. Broadcast Domains

Ethernet and CSMA/CD (05:39)

Collision Domain Devices (03:53)

Broadcast Domain Devices (04:10)

Hubs, Bridges, Switches 

Hubs (04:07)

Bridges (04:36)

Switches (05:15)

The Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) 

Purpose of STP (04:38)

Election of a Root Bridge (03:54)

Bridge Protocol Data Units and Port States (05:59)

Local Area Network Protocols 

The TCP/IP Protocol Suite and Packet Terminology (04:59)

IP Address Classes (04:42)

IP Addressing (06:02)

Subnet Masks and Anding (05:22)

Variable Length Subnet Masks (04:12)

Subnetting (07:32)

Configuring IP Addresses on a Router Interface (02:43)

IPX Addresses (03:41)

Encapsulation of Packets (04:22)

The Concept of a VLAN (05:52)

Wide Area Network Protocols 

The Concept of Frame Relay (05:21)

Configuring Frame Relay (05:19)

ISDN Defined (03:51)

ISDN Reference Points (04:25)

The Concept of Dial on Demand Routing (03:56)

PPP Defined (04:55)

Configuring and Testing PPP with CHAP Authentication (04:38)

HDLC Encapsulation (02:44)


Routing Defined (05:12)

Routing Information Protocol (RIP) (04:25)

Internet Gateway Routing Protocol (IGRP) & (EIGRP) (04:54)

Distance Vector vs. Link State (03:52)

Configuring Distance Vector Routing Protocols (05:00)

The Concept of Network Address Translation (05:52)

The CDP Protocol 

CDP Protocol Commands (03:52)

Discovering Your Topology with CDP (07:11)

LAN Design Full Duplex vs. Half Duplex (04:24)

Understanding CSMA/CD (03:36)

Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet (07:00)

The Cisco 

IOS Overview of the Cisco IOS (04:35)

Boot System Configurations (04:59)

Interpreting the IOS Image File (03:49)

Backing Up the IOS Image (04:55)

The Cisco Command Line Interface 

Command Line Modes (05:06)

Initial Setup and Configuration (06:55)

Passwords Console and Secret (04:27)

Passwords Virtual Terminal (04:09)

Naming and Adding a Banner (04:35)

Command History and Editing (06:21)

Context Sensitive Help (06:45)

Network Management Commands 

Network Management Overview (02:30)

Show Commands (04:16)

Configuring Aliases (04:09)

Using Notepad (05:19)

Access Lists 

The Concept of an Access List (03:57)

How Access Lists are Used (05:16)

Setting Up an Access List (06:49)

How Access Lists are Applied (04:06)


The Concept of Telnet (03:47)

Using Telnet for Remote Administration (05:28)

Taking and Passing the Cisco 640-607 Test 

Preparation for the Test (03:59)T

he Day of the Test (05:50)