Java Mobile Android Advanced Course - Video Tutorials


Java Mobile Android Advance Course - Video Tutorials


Course Overview (02:09)


User Info and Location

Google Maps Intro Setup pt. 1 (03:57)

Google Maps Intro Setup pt. 2 (03:49)

Google Play Services (02:21)

Google Maps Intro Activity(03:13)

Google Maps Intro Demo(02:27)

Google Maps Basics Menu(02:25)

Google Maps Basics Layout(01:45)

Google Maps Basics Activity(03:11)

Google Maps Basics Controls (02:45)

Google Maps Basics Go To(03:51)

Google Maps Basics Location (02:45)

Google Maps Basics Connect Points (02:15)

Google Maps Basics Demo(01:44)

Tracking Updates Setup(02:43)

Tracking Updates Layout(04:35)

Tracking Updates Error(02:18)

Tracking Updates Utils(02:19)

Tracking Updates Activity Setup (02:59)

Tracking Updates Activity pt. 1 (03:54)

Tracking Updates Activity pt. 2 (02:55)

Tracking Updates Activity pt. 3 (04:04)

Tracking Updates Service(03:56)

Tracking Updates Start Update (02:12)

Tracking Updates Stop Update (02:02)

Tracking Updates Connection (03:25)

Tracking Updates AsyncTask pt. 1 (02:55)

Tracking Updates AsyncTask pt. 2 (01:56)

Tracking Updates Demo(01:54)

MapView Fragment v2 Activity (02:50)

MapView with Fragment Setup (03:05)

MapView with Fragment Layout (02:09)

MapView with Fragment Demo (01:36)


Google Maps V2 Applications

Google Places API Setup(01:53)

Google Places API Photo pt. 1 (03:20)

Google Places API Photo pt. 2 (02:34)

Google Places API Photo pt. 3 (02:08)

Google Places API Place pt. 1 (02:29)

Google Places API Place pt. 2 (02:07)

Google Places API Json pt. 1(01:24)

Google Places API Json pt. 2(01:44)

Google Places API Json pt. 3(02:37)

Google Places API Layout pt. 1 (02:23)

Google Places API Layout pt. 2 (02:13)

Google Places API Fragment pt. 1 (02:36)

Google Places API Fragment pt. 2 (02:33)

Google Places API Fragment pt. 3 (01:51)

Google Places API Fragment pt. 4 (03:13)

Google Places API Activity Setup (03:20)

Google Places API ParserTask pt. 1 (01:42)

Google Places API ParserTask pt. 2 (01:49)

Google Places API PlacesTask (01:29)

Google Places API Download (02:24)

Google Places API Activity OnCreate (02:14)

Google Places API Set Location (02:17)

Google Places API OnClickListener (02:02)

Google Places API OnMarkerClick (01:41)

Google Places API Demo(02:07)

Google Directions Setup(03:09)

Google Directions Json pt. 1(02:35)

Google Directions Json pt. 2(02:07)

Google Directions Activity Setup (01:38)

Google Directions ParserTask pt. 1 (01:09)

Google Directions ParserTask pt. 2 (02:07)

Google Directions Download (01:03)

Google Directions URL pt. 1(02:34)

Google Directions URL pt. 2(02:05)

Google Directions Markers(01:36)

Google Directions Activity pt. 1 (01:55)

Google Directions Activity pt. 2 (01:51)

Google Directions Demo(02:01)



Basic Calendar Setup (03:01)

Basic Calendar Layout (02:02)

Basic Calendar Grid (01:44)

Basic Calendar Activity Setup (02:00)

Basic Calendar Adapter Setup pt. 1 (02:48)

Basic Calendar Adapter Setup pt. 2 (02:06)

Basic Calendar Adapter View (01:32)

Basic Calendar Adapter onClick (01:16)

Basic Calendar Activity onClick (02:12)

Basic Calendar Activity pt. 1 (01:41)

Basic Calendar Activity pt. 2 (02:12)

Basic Calendar Demo (01:42)

CalendarView Setup (01:46)

CalendarView Activity (01:49)

CalendarView Demo (01:03)


Wrap Up

Conclusion / Summary (01:09)



About the Author (00:59)



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