• Learn Basics Of Chinese Language

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    The study of the Chinese language opens the way to different important fields. It's powerful tool for business man and students. To be at ease and effective in a Chinese environment learning the language is half the battle.

    One of the most common reactions people have when you suggest they learn Chinese is to complain that it’s incredibly difficult. Luckily for Chinese learners, this is completely wrong. Learning Chinese is quite easy to learn. And this interactive program makes it more easier.

    In this Educational Interactive Software Program you will learn following.

    ·         Introduction

    ·         Sounds of Alphabet

    ·         Table of Beijing Dialects

    ·         Tones

    ·         Grammar

    ·         Basic Strokes of Chinese Characters

    ·         Rules of writing Chinese Characters

    ·         Written Grammar

    ·         Pronoun : Singular and Plural

    ·         Possessive Pronouns

    ·         Reflexive Pronouns

    ·         To make Interrogative Sentences

    ·         Set of Expressions

    ·         Numbers

    o   Counting 1-110

    o   Special Numbers

    o   Ordinal Numbers

    o   Percentage

    ·         Measure Words

    ·         Timing, Date and Currency

    ·         Vocabulary:

    o   Family

    o   Profession

    o   Fruits

    o   Vegetables

    o   Drinks

    o   Directions

    o   Weather

    o   Clothes

    o   Body Parts

    o   Days of the Week

    o   Months of the Year

    o   Colours

    o   Vehicles

    o   Sports

    o   Communication

    o   Medical

    o   General Words

    o   Household Articles

    o   Name of the Countries

    ·         Culture and Civilisation of China

    ·         Presentation—Yourself and others;

    ·         Few Common Sentences of Daily Usage

    ·         Conversations at different situations:

    o   Asking for Directions

    o   Family

    o   In a Hotel

    o   Travelling

    o   In a Restaurant

    o   Shopping

    o   Time and Date

    o   In a Bank

    o   In a Hospital

    o   Visiting Friends

    o   On the Telephone

    ·         Exercises for Each Topic