Linux Video Tutorial DVD in Hindi

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Linux Video Tutorial in HINDI

About Linux : The Linux open source operating system, or Linux OS, is a freely distributable, cross-platform operating system based on Unix that can be installed on PCs, laptops, netbooks, mobile and tablet devices, video game consoles, servers, supercomputers and more.
The Linux OS is frequently packaged as a Linux distribution for both desktop and server use, and includes the Linux kernel (the core of the operating system) as well as supporting tools and libraries. Linux  is fastest groing free Popular Linux operating system distributed across the world.

About Tutorial : In this Linux Tutorial, you will gain lot of knowledge on Linux as an operating system which may help you to work efficiently in your technical career. Many aspects have been covered and many examples have been shown in this to make you understand.

This Tutorial is covered from basic to next level of knowledge. The explanation is in HINDI and English Mix Language which it gives very good understanding to students. If you wish to learn Linux at Home without going to classes then this tool is best for you.

Tutorial : Linux  ( Video Tutorial )

Language : Hindi & English Mix

Content : DVD

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Course Detail - Linux Video Tutorial in Hindi

    Introduction - CD1
    History of Unix and Linux - CD1
    Linux Kernal - CD1
    Types of Kernal - CD1
    Features of Linux - CD1
    System Architecture - CD1
    Linux Distributions - CD1
    Some Important Points - CD1
    Issues - CD1
    Virtual Box and Terminology - CD1
    Installing Virtual Box - CD1
    Planning Your Installation - CD1
    Planning Disk Partitions - CD1
    Creating Virtual Machine - CD1
    Login to Ubuntu - CD1
    Resizing Window Size - CD1
    Moving GUI Mode to Command Mode - CD1
    Login as Root User - CD1
    Shutting Down from Commad Line - CD1
    Dispaly Managers - CD1
    Difference Between KDE and GNOME - CD1
    Help Resources - CD1
    What is Shell and Its Types - CD2
    Ls Command - CD2
    Cat Command - CD2
    Expand Touch and Date Command - CD2
    Command Line Editing - CD2
    History - CD2
    Configuring History - CD2
    Filename Expansion(Part1) - CD2
    Filename Expansion(Part2) - CD2
    Shell Symbols - CD2
    Creating Pattterns - CD2
    Redirecting the Standard Output - CD2
    Input Redirection - CD2
    Pipes - CD2
    Redirecting Standard Error - CD2
    Running Jobs in the Background - CD2
    Job Notification - CD2
    Bringing Jobs to the Foreground - CD2
    Suspending and Stopping Jobs - CD2
    Introduction - CD2
    Home Directories - CD2
    Pathnames - CD2
    System Directories(Part1) - CD2
    System Directories(Part2) - CD2
    Accessing System Directories - CD2
    Displaying Files - CD2
    Printing Files - CD2
    Creating and Deleting Directories - CD2
    Displaying Directory Contents - CD2
    Referencing Parent Directory - CD2
    Find Command - CD2
    Grep Command - CD2
    Sort Commmand - CD2
    Head and Tail Commands - CD2
    Awk Command - CD2
    Some Important Commands - CD2
    Copying Files - CD2
    Moving Files - CD2
    Deleting Files - CD2
    Creating Links - CD2
    Archives - CD2
    Tar Command - CD2
    Compress and Decompress Commands - CD2
    Owners in Linux File System - CD3
    File Permissions - CD3
    Detail Look to Permissions - CD3
    Example - CD3
    Chmod Command(Absolute Mode) - CD3
    Chmod Command(Symbolic Way) - CD3
    Adding New User - CD3
    Adduser Command - CD3
    Removing User - CD3
    Adding New Group - CD3
    Create Users with Custom Primary and Secondary Groups - CD3
    Add an Existing User to Primary and Secondary Groups - CD3
    Remove Users From Groups - CD3
    Deleting Groups - CD3
    Chown Command - CD3
    Issue Occur Due to Change the Group - CD3
    What is Shell Script - CD4
    Shell Variables - CD4
    Defining and Assigning Varaiables - CD4
    String Quoting - CD4
    Single Quotes - CD4
    Back Quotes - CD4
    Writing First Script - CD4
    Executing Scripts - CD4
    Passing Argument - CD4
    Shell and Subshell - CD4
    Environment Variables - CD4
    Shell Substitution - CD4
    Arithmetic Operations - CD4
    Alias Command - CD4
    Creating Alias - CD4
    Control Structure - CD4
    Test Operators - CD4
    Test Operator(Example) - CD4
    Conditional Control Structure - CD4
    If and Else Statement - CD4
    Elif Statement - CD4
    Case Statement - CD4
    Logical And - CD4
    Logical Or - CD4
    While Loop - CD4
    Until Loop - CD4
    For-in Loop - CD4
    For Loop (Examples) - CD4
    Select Loop - CD4
    Arrays - CD4
    Functions - CD4
    More On Functions - CD4
    Break and Continue Statement - CD4
    Vi Editor - CD5
    Vi Editor Commands - CD5
    Creating File With Vi Editor - CD5
    Libre Office - CD5
    Apt-Cache Commnad - CD5
    Apt-Get Command - CD5
    Dpkg Command - CD5
    Rpm Command - CD5
    Encrytion and Dycrption - CD5
    Encrytion using Algorithms - CD5
    Installing Apache Server - CD5
    Working with Apache Server - CD5
    Mail Sevices - CD5
    System Performance and Maintenance Tools - CD5
    Who Command - CD5
    Ping Command - CD5
    Finger and W command - CD5
    Host Command - CD5
    Traceroute Command - CD5
    Telnet Command - CD5
    Ftp Command - CD5
    Conclusion - CD5
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