Microsoft Access Video Tutorial Training Pack DVD

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MS Access 2010 Pack - Video Tutorial in Hindi

If you want to learn MS Access 2010 at home in Hindi, without going to classes, then this is the best product for you. With this you will be able to learn MS Access 2010 step by step and it may make you expert on MS Access 2010 Software. This is an ideal pack for students and who wants to learn MS Access in Hindi for better understanding.

:: All subjects arranged in serial order to learn step by step
:: Every member at your home can learn through one DVD.
:: You can learn at anytime of your choice
:: Duration 7 Hours + 

Microsoft Access 2010 Tutorials DVD (DVD) Syllabus :

These tutorials are put in serial order, so that you can learn yourself step by step. :: The tutorials are in Hindi and English mix language, which gives you comfort at the time of learning. :: It feels like the teacher is sitting beside you. :: You can also learn again if you think you have forgotten any topic. it is very easy way to learn computer in hindi language .

MS Access 2010 Overview Of 2010 
:: Create Database 
::Open Database 
::Change Interface Color 
::Choose Between Tabbed Or Overlapping Windows 
::Customize Quick Access Toolbar 
::Create Database Using Templates 
::Adding, Renaming And Deleting Columns 
::Resizing Rows And Columns 
::Create Table In Design View Part-1 
::Create Table In Design View Part-2 
::Editing In Design View 
::Entering Data Into Table 
::Create Criteria In Design View 
::Save Table In Design View 
::Sorting Data In A Table 
::Filtering Table Data 
::Find And Replace Command 
::Create Tables Using Application Parts Part-1 
::Create Tables Using Application Parts Part-2 
::Creating Table In Layout View With Quick Start Part-1 
::Creating Table In Layout View With Quick Start Part-2 
::Calculated Field ::Create Form In Design View 
::Create Split Form 
::Create Form Using Form Wizard 
::Creating Data Entry Forms 
::Creating Drop Down List In Form 
::Set Option Button On Form 
::Adding Button To A Form 
::Modifying A Form In Layout View Part-1 
::Modifying A Form In Layout View Part-2 
::Modifying A Form In Layout View Part-3 
::Multiple Items In Forms Group 
::Multiple Items In Forms Group 
::Text Formatting 
::Create Query In Design View 
::Building Calculation Queries 
::Creating Crosstab Queries 
::Creating Wildcards Queries 
::Creating Yes No Queries 
::Update Query 
::Update Query In Datasheet View 
::Using Data Macro 
::Using Delete Queries 
::Using Query Wizard 
::Creating Reusable Parameter Queries 
::Creating Statiscal Queries 
::Using The Report Wizard 
::Using Update Queries 
::Creating A Lookup Wizard Part-1 
::Creating A Lookup Wizard Part-2 
::Creating A Multi Value Fields 
::Creating Multi-Table Report 
::Formatting Reports In Layout View 
::Using The Report Wizard 
::Printing Reports 
::Adding Totals And Subtotals To A Report 
::Adding Conditional Formatting And Data Bars To A Report 
::Totals In Records Group 
::Group And Sort The Report 
::Hide And Unhide Fields 
::Import And Create Link With Excel Spreadsheet 
::Import Excel Spreadsheet 
::Import Text File ::Pivot Chart 
::Pivot Table ::Create Basic Macro Part-1 
::Create Basic Macro Part-2 ::Attaching Macros To Objects 
::Using Data Macro ::Set Database Password 
::Setting A Primary Key
::Validation Rule 
::What Is Primary Key 
::Export In Pdf 
::Export Table Through Email 
::Exporting Data Into Excel 
::Exporting Into A Word Mail Merge 
::Freeze Fields 
::General Options From Access Options 
::Go To And Select Options In Find Group 
::Create Own Group 
::Create Own Tab 
::Print In Datasheet View 
::Publlishing To A Web Browser Through Html 
::Autocorrect Options 
::Adding Existing Fields From Other Tables 
::Access Options Part-1 
::Access Options Part-2 
::Navigation Pane 
::Navigation Form 
::Creating Mailing Labels 
::Enter Key And Arrow Key Behaviour 
::Compacting And Repairing A Database.