Microsoft Excel 2013 Training CD | Video Tutorials


In this video course you will learn the knowledge and skills you need to get the most out of Microsoft Excel 2013. You will learn about the Excel interface by working in it. You will create and format worksheets, make calculations, create charts, and use tools to analyze data in meaningful ways. Author teaches Excel from a business perspective, focusing on tools that maximize productivity and accuracy. She demonstrates how to design worksheets intelligently and then shows you how to check for accuracy to ensure that worksheets return correct results. She also covers automating data entry, testing formulas, and using PivotTables for data analysis. She concludes with a discussion of SkyDrive and the Excel WebApp.

  • Content : 1 CD
  • Course Type : Video Tutorials
  • Language : English

Excel Basics

About Excel (03:51)

Start Screen (02:41)

Ribbon QAT and Status Bar(04:14)

Backstage View (03:09)

Menus / Mini Toolbar / Task Panes (03:38)

Get Help (03:37)


Getting Started

Open and Close a Workbook (02:54)

Move Around in a Workbook (03:23)

Save a Workbook (04:34)

Work with Accounts in Excel(04:20)

Create a New Workbook(01:43)

Use an Excel Template(03:20)


Entering Data

Enter Text and Headings(04:15)

Enter Numbers (04:10)

Enter Dates (03:36)

AutoFill Dates (03:49)

AutoFill Numbers (03:32)

AutoFill Text (03:56)

Create an AutoFill Series(04:03)

Enter Hyperlinks (03:57)


Rearranging a Worksheet

Size Columns and Rows (04:40)

Insert & Delete Rows & Columns (03:45)

Copy or Move Data (04:18)

Copy or Move a Worksheet (03:31)

Transpose Data (02:24)


Basic Formulas & Functions

Using SUM and AutoSum (04:25)

Doing Simple Math (04:24)

Order of Operations (03:20)

Calculating Averages (03:54)

Quick Analysis - Totals (02:26)

Adding & Subtracting Dates (03:08)

Copy Formulas (04:20)

Absolute & Relative Addressing (04:00)

Naming Ranges (04:14)

Calculating Using Names (04:11)

Understanding Errors (04:17)

Evaluating a Formula (04:13)


Formatting a Worksheet

Format Numbers (04:48)

Format Dates (02:25)

Format with Color (03:15)

Use Worksheet Themes (03:38)

Add Borders (04:28)

Conditional Formatting pt. 1 (04:19)

Conditional Formatting pt. 2 (04:23)

Borrow Table Formats (03:02)

Create and Use Styles (04:21)

Paint and Clear Formats (02:23)


Creating Charts

Create a Chart (04:43)

Add Chart Titles and Legends (03:21)

Format a Chart pt. 1 (03:38)

Format a Chart pt. 2 (04:19)

Create a Pie Chart (04:28)

Understanding Chart Types (03:23)

Plot Data on Multiple Axes (03:10)

Create Sparklines (04:05)


Adding Art

ClipArt and Photos (03:53)

Worksheet Backgrounds & Watermarks (04:05)

SmartArt (03:10)

Shapes (04:16)


More Complex Functions

Using IF to Make Calculations (04:03)

Using SUMIF & COUNTIF (04:15)

Calculating with SUMPRODUCT (02:21)

Random Numbers with RANDBETWEEN (03:45)

Find and Use Functions (04:16)

Building a Mortgage Calculator (04:23)


Working with Tables

Create and Format a Table (03:37)

Create a Chart of Table Data (01:58)

Calculations in a Table (03:26)

Use the Subtotal Function (03:59)

Filter Table Data (04:22)

Sort Data in a Table (03:24)


Working with PivotTables

PivotTables Introduction (02:50)

Create a PivotTable (03:03)

Query a PivotTable (04:05)

Use Slicers (03:37)

Create a PivotChart (02:05)


Working with Large Worksheets

Freeze Panes (04:00)

Headers & Footers (04:06)

Views (04:07)

Find & Replace (04:01)

Manipulate Data with Flash Fill (03:45)

Remove Duplicate Data (04:22)


Advanced Tools & Techniques

Goal Seek (03:38)

Create and Use a Watch Window (03:00)

Create and Save a Template (04:01)

Calculate Across Multiple Worksheets (03:20)

Working with Comments (03:50)

Use a Lookup Table pt. 1 (04:12)

Use a Lookup Table pt. 2 (04:26)

Import Data into Excel (04:47)

Find Precedents and Dependents (02:39)

Use Data Validation (04:13)

Enter Data Using Data Validation (03:30)

Work with Other Office Programs (04:37)


Printing a Worksheet

Set Up a Worksheet for Printing (03:30)

Shrink to Fit (04:03)

Configure Printing Options (04:27)

Print a Chart (02:35)

Print a Selection (02:13)

Print to PDF (03:44)


Spreadsheet Design

Design Basics (04:15)

Create a Data Area (01:56)

Work with Multi-Sheet Workbooks (04:03)

Protect a Worksheet (03:49)

Error Checking and Testing (04:24)

Spell Check and AutoCorrect (03:08)


Automating with Macros

Understanding Macros (02:24)

Record a Macro (04:02)

Run a Macro (02:07)

Explore the Visual Basic Editor (04:41)


Working with Skydrive

SkyDrive Introduction (03:22)

Save and Open SkyDrive Files (04:17)

Work in the Excel Web App (03:41)

How to Use SkyDrive (02:03)



Course Wrap Up (02:51)



About the Author (03:00)