Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Video Tutorial Pack

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Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Video Tutorial Pack

Quick Overview

Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 
8.5 hrs / 109 tutorials


List of Complete Video Tutorial

CD 1 - Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 (Exam 70-410)

Course Overview       
Windows Server History pt. 1       
Windows Server History pt. 2       
New in 2012       
Gone in 2012       
About the Exam       

Course Prep
Getting Windows Server 2012       
Hardware Requirements       
Understanding Windows Server 2012 pt. 1       
Understanding Windows Server 2012 pt. 2       

Installing Windows Server 2012
Planning a Server Installation       
Understanding Server Roles       
Planning a Server Upgrade       
Installing Windows Server 2012       
New Interface Tour       
Prevent Server Manager on Start Up       

Configuring Servers        
Delegating Administration       
File System Options       
MBR and GPT Partitions       
Basic and Dynamic Disks       
Managing Volumes       
Understanding Storage Spaces       
Storage Spaces and Thin Provisioning       
Understanding ReFS       
NIC Teaming       
File System Formats       

Server Roles and Features
Roles Services and Features       
Migrating Roles from Previous Versions       
Deploying Roles       
Configuring Services       
Using Features on Demand       
Working with Shares       
Understanding Share Permissions       
NTFS and Share Permissions       
Configuring Shares       
Configuring Offline Files pt. 1       
Configuring Offline Files pt. 2       
Understanding and Configuring ABE pt. 1       
Understanding and Configuring ABE pt. 2       
Understanding VSS       
Configuring VSS       
NTFS Disk Quotas       
Enabling Disk Quotas       

Enterprise Print Management       
Printer Pooling       
Configuring Printer Pooling       
Printer Priorities       
Configuring Printer Priorities       
Printer Permissions       

Configuring Remote Management
Enabling Remote Management       
Client-Based Server Management       
Down-Level Server Management       
Core Network Services        
IP Address Configuration Options       
Sub and Supernetting       
IPv4 and IPv6       
Configuring ISATAP pt. 1       
Configuring ISATAP pt. 2       
Configuring Teredo       
Address Classes       
DHCP Scopes       
DHCP Reservations       
DHCP Options       
DHCP Relay Agent       
DHCP Failover       
DHCP Server Configuration       
AD Integration       
Configuring Forwarders       
Configuring Root Hints       
Managing the DNS Cache       

Active Directory
Active Directory Basics       
Installing AD       
Adding and Removing DCs       
Understanding OUs       
Understanding Groups       
Converting Groups       
IFM Domain Controller Installations pt. 1       
IFM Domain Controller Installations pt. 2       
Configure the Global Catalog Server       
Creating AD Accounts       
Configuring Templates       
Bulk AD Operations       
Offline Domain Join       

Group Policy
Group Policy Basics       
Creating a Central Store       
Starter GPOs       
Configuring GPO Links       
Multiple Local Group Policies pt. 1       
Multiple Local Group Policies pt. 2       
Security Filtering       
Security Templates       

Creating VHDs pt. 1       
Creating VHDs pt. 2       
Mounting VHDs       
Configuring Dynamic Memory       
Configuring Smart Paging       
Understanding Differencing Disks       
Pass-Through Disks       

Server Core
Installing Server Core       
Converting To/From GUI       
Configuring Server Core       

Taking the Exam
Preparing for the Exam       
How to Take the Exam       
What If I Fail the Exam       

Course Wrap Up       
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