Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Video Tutorial Pack

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Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Video Tutorial Pack

Quick Overview

* Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 
8.5 hrs / 109 tutorials

* Administering Windows Server 2012
7.5 hrs / 101 tutorials

* Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services
7 hrs / 96 tutorials


List of Complete Video Tutorial

CD 1 - Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 (Exam 70-410)

Course Overview       
Windows Server History pt. 1       
Windows Server History pt. 2       
New in 2012       
Gone in 2012       
About the Exam       

Course Prep
Getting Windows Server 2012       
Hardware Requirements       
Understanding Windows Server 2012 pt. 1       
Understanding Windows Server 2012 pt. 2       

Installing Windows Server 2012
Planning a Server Installation       
Understanding Server Roles       
Planning a Server Upgrade       
Installing Windows Server 2012       
New Interface Tour       
Prevent Server Manager on Start Up       

Configuring Servers        
Delegating Administration       
File System Options       
MBR and GPT Partitions       
Basic and Dynamic Disks       
Managing Volumes       
Understanding Storage Spaces       
Storage Spaces and Thin Provisioning       
Understanding ReFS       
NIC Teaming       
File System Formats       

Server Roles and Features
Roles Services and Features       
Migrating Roles from Previous Versions       
Deploying Roles       
Configuring Services       
Using Features on Demand       
Working with Shares       
Understanding Share Permissions       
NTFS and Share Permissions       
Configuring Shares       
Configuring Offline Files pt. 1       
Configuring Offline Files pt. 2       
Understanding and Configuring ABE pt. 1       
Understanding and Configuring ABE pt. 2       
Understanding VSS       
Configuring VSS       
NTFS Disk Quotas       
Enabling Disk Quotas       

Enterprise Print Management       
Printer Pooling       
Configuring Printer Pooling       
Printer Priorities       
Configuring Printer Priorities       
Printer Permissions       

Configuring Remote Management
Enabling Remote Management       
Client-Based Server Management       
Down-Level Server Management       
Core Network Services        
IP Address Configuration Options       
Sub and Supernetting       
IPv4 and IPv6       
Configuring ISATAP pt. 1       
Configuring ISATAP pt. 2       
Configuring Teredo       
Address Classes       
DHCP Scopes       
DHCP Reservations       
DHCP Options       
DHCP Relay Agent       
DHCP Failover       
DHCP Server Configuration       
AD Integration       
Configuring Forwarders       
Configuring Root Hints       
Managing the DNS Cache       

Active Directory
Active Directory Basics       
Installing AD       
Adding and Removing DCs       
Understanding OUs       
Understanding Groups       
Converting Groups       
IFM Domain Controller Installations pt. 1       
IFM Domain Controller Installations pt. 2       
Configure the Global Catalog Server       
Creating AD Accounts       
Configuring Templates       
Bulk AD Operations       
Offline Domain Join       

Group Policy
Group Policy Basics       
Creating a Central Store       
Starter GPOs       
Configuring GPO Links       
Multiple Local Group Policies pt. 1       
Multiple Local Group Policies pt. 2       
Security Filtering       
Security Templates       

Creating VHDs pt. 1       
Creating VHDs pt. 2       
Mounting VHDs       
Configuring Dynamic Memory       
Configuring Smart Paging       
Understanding Differencing Disks       
Pass-Through Disks       

Server Core
Installing Server Core       
Converting To/From GUI       
Configuring Server Core       

Taking the Exam
Preparing for the Exam       
How to Take the Exam       
What If I Fail the Exam       

Course Wrap Up       
About the Author    

CD -2 Administering Windows Server 2012 (Exam 70-411)

    Course Overview
    Windows Server History pt. 1
    Windows Server History pt. 2
    New in 2012
    Gone in 2012
    About the Exam

Course Prep 
    Getting Windows Server 2012
    Hardware Requirements
    Installing Windows Server 2012

Active Directory 
    Domain Controllers
    Managing Kerberos Delegation
    Managing Service Principal Names
    Service Accounts
    Managed Service Accounts
    Group Managed Service Accounts
    Universal Group Membership Caching
    Managing Operations Masters
    Seizing Operations Master Roles
    Understanding RODC
    Domain Controller Cloning
    AD Backup
    AD Database Optimization
    Domain User Password Policy
    Password Settings Objects
    Configure Account Lockout

File and Print Services
    Understanding DFS
    DFS Terminology
    DFS Replication Targets
    Replication Scheduling
    Remote Differential Compression
    DFS Staging
    DFS Fault Tolerance
    Configuring Quotas
    FSRM Quotas vs. NTFS Quotas
    File Screens
    Configuring Reports
    FSRM Demo
    Classification Demo
    Removable Device Audit Policies
    Understanding BitLocker
    Network Unlock
    BitLocker Certificates

    Configuring Zones
    AD Conditional Forward Storage
    Zone Delegation
    Zone Transfer Settings
    Zone Scavenging
    Aging and Scavenging Terms
    Enabling Scavenging
    Scavenging Records
    Secure Dynamic Updates

Remote Access 
    Remote Access Role
    NAT Components
    VPN Settings
    Remote Dial-In Settings
    DirectAccess Basics
    DirectAccess Requirements
    DirectAccess Client Requirements
    DNS for DirectAccess
    Configuring DirectAccess

Network Policy Server 
    Network Policy Server Basics
    RADIUS Server
    RADIUS Clients
    RADIUS Templates
    RADIUS Accounting
    Connection Request Policies
    Connection Request Policy Attributes
    Create / Apply / Import / Export
    System Health Validators
    NAP Clients
    NAP Enforcement
    Remediation Server Groups
    NAP Resources

    Windows Deployment Services
    WDS Image Types
    Updating Images
    Install Features to Offline VHD
    Data Collector Sets pt. 1
    Data Collector Sets pt. 2
    Forwarding and Collecting Events

Windows Server Update Services
    WSUS Basics
    WSUS Deployment Models
    Installation Notes
    Configure Group Policies for Updates
    Adding the WSUS Server Role

Group Policy 
    Group Policy Basics
    Order and Preference
    Item Level Targeting
    Inheritance Blocking
    Security Filtering
    Loopback Processing
    Slow Link Processing
    ADMX Migrator
    Backup and Restore GPOs
    Reset Default GPOs

    Course Wrap Up

    About the Author


CD -3 Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services (Exam 70-412)

Welcome and Introduction 
    Course Overview
    Windows Server History pt. 1
    Windows Server History pt. 2
    New in 2012
    Gone in 2012
    About the Exam

Course Prep 
    Getting Windows Server 2012
    Hardware Requirements
    Installing Windows Server 2012
    Using VMs
    The Server 2012 Interface

Active Directory Infrastructure 
    Active Directory Domain Services
    Multi Domain AD
    Multi Forest AD
    Previous AD Versions Interoperability
    Environment Prep and Functional Levels
    Active Directory Trusts
    External Trusts
    Forest Trusts
    Shortcut Trusts
    Realm Trusts
    Selective Trust Authentication
    Creating Trusts
    Active Directory Sites
    Site Links
    Configure RODCs pt. 1
    Configure RODCs pt. 2
    SYSVOL Basics
    Migrate SYSVOL to DFSR

Network Services
    DHCP Superscopes
    DHCP Multicast Scopes
    DHCP Failover pt. 1
    DHCP Failover pt. 2
    Split Scopes pt. 1
    Split Scopes pt. 2
    DNS Security
    DNS Socket Pool
    DNS Logging
    Netmask Ordering
    IPAM Basics
    Provisioning IPAM
    Server Discovery
    Installing IPAM

File and Print Services
    NFS Data Storage
    BranchCache Overview
    BranchCache Content Servers
    Installing BranchCache
    File Classification Infrastructure
    Classification Demo
    Features on Demand
    Dynamic Access Control
    DAC in Action pt. 1
    DAC in Action pt. 2
    Access-Denied Remediation pt. 1
    Access-Denied Remediation pt. 2
    Configure Access-Denied Remediation pt. 1
    Configure Access-Denied Remediation pt. 2
    File Access Auditing
    File Access Auditing Demo

Business Continuity
    Windows Server Backups
    Windows Online Backups
    Role-Specific Backups
    Safe Mode
    BCD Storage
    Bare Metal Restore

    Data Transit Security
    Keys and Certificates
    AD CS Basics pt. 1
    AD CS Basics pt. 2
    New in ADCS for 2012
    Installing Enterprise CA
    Managing Certificate Templates
    Certificate Deployment pt. 1
    Certificate Deployment pt. 2
    Certificate Validation
    Certificate Revocation
    CRL Distribution Points
    Certificate Renewal
    Enrollment via Group Policy
    Online Responders
    CA Backup and Recovery
    Key-Based Renewal

Rights Management
    AD RMS Basics
    AD RMS Components
    AD RMS in Action
    Service Connection Points
    Installing an AD RMS Server
    AD RMS Client Deployment
    Trusted User Domains
    RMS Templates
    Exclusion Policies pt. 1
    Exclusion Policies pt. 2

    Course Wrap Up

    About the Author