Mold Wizard NX-8.0-Video Training/Tutorials


Mold Wizard (NX-8.0)-Video Training DVD


  • Introduction & Overview
  • Knowledge Base Solution
  • Tooling Industry Challenge
  • Mold Wizard Work Flow
  • Mold Tools
  • Mold Wizard & Roles in NX
  • Types of Molding Support in NX & Details
  • Benefits of Mold Wizard


  • Extract the 3D models
  • Check your setup
  • Analyze parting readiness
  • Initialize the mold design project


  • View the assembly structure
  • Orient and position the assembly
  • Define a work piece
  • Create a cavity layout


  • Analyze the parting regions
  • View core and cavity regions
  • Patch open areas
  • Create the parting surface


  • Add a mold base
  • Add standard parts
  • Add ejector pins
  • Trim the ejector pins


  • Create pockets- -for locating ring screws, ejector pins, and mold inserts.
  • Add gates
  • Design a runner to connect the two gates
  • Create pockets-for the gates and runners in the mold inserts

All projects Design script:

  • Introduction & Project Setup
  • Mold Volume region Analysis
  • Mold Co-ordinate system setting
  • Shrinkage
  • Work piece Definition
  • Post Region Analysis
  • Patch Operation for parting
  • Parting Line and Parting surface definition
  • Define core and Cavity
  • Prod Mold core/Cavity extraction and Visualization
  • Simulation

Project1: Project  Remote 

Project2: Project  Bezel

Project3: Project  Camera

Project4: Project  Casting

Project5: Project  Complex Plastic

Project6: Project  Pen Cap