• Photoshop Course Tutorials DVD in Hindi

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    Photoshop CS 5 Video Tutorials in HINDI

    This Photoshop CS5 Video Tutorial in Hindi is designed for students who wish to learn and create their carrier in designing. It's very useful who wish to learn at home and don't get time to go to institutes. The price of this Course Tutorial is very negligible and  almost every students can afford this. In this Tutorials many aspects are covered with many examples. The major advantage of this Tutorial is it's designed in Hindi language which gives very good understanding to students. In this video, you can learn at your own pace and can repeat the explanation until understood.

    Duration: 12 Hours  26 Mints                                    

    Sample Video

    Complete List of Tutorials

    • Introduction & Rectangle Marquee
    • Creating Presentation
    • Brush Pencil
    • Marquee Layer
    • Lasso Magic Wand
    • Crop Tool
    • Eraser Tool
    • Slice Select Tool
    • Clone Pattern
    • Gradient Paint Bucket
    • Page Contents
    • Dodge Burn Sponge Tool
    • Horizontal Vertical Type Tool
    • Text Style Pen Tool
    • Path Direct Tool
    • Custom Shape
    • Eye Dropper,Color Sampler,Measure Tool
    • New Patch Healing Tool
    • Notes Audio
    • Fire On The Text Effect
    • Image In Shape
    • Scenery Creation
    • Sceneray Creation Another Example
    • Fire On Page
    • Overlay Effect
    • Light Effect Screen
    • Simple Animation
    • Rollover On Text
    • Conplete Pen Tool
    • Glow Animation
    • Cross Border Effect
    • Cd Creation
    • Chocolate Effect Screen
    • Batch Command
    • Conditional Mode Change
    • Contact Sheet II
    • Create Action
    • Create Action Part-2
    • Create Droplet
    • File Browser
    • Fit Image
    • Import PDF Image
    • Multi Page PDF to PSD
    • Picture Package
    • Revert Command
    • Web Photo Gallery
    • Blur Tool And Sharpen Tool
    • Create Button Part-1
    • Create Button Part-2
    • Create Exploding On Text Effect
    • Crop Tool
    • Horizontal And Vertical Type Mask Tool
    • Image In Text
    • Patch Tool
    • Rectangular Marquee Tool And Elliptical Marquee Tool
    • Slice Select Tool And Healing Brush Tool
    • Slice Tool
    • Smduge Tool
    • Zoom, Swap, Mask, Mode

    End of Syllabus Course -- xxx  --

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