PHP Video Tutorial DVD Pack

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PHP Video Tutorial in Hindi

PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development but also used as a general-purpose programming language. It's a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive Web pages. PHP is a widely-used, and efficient alternative to competitors such as Microsoft's ASP.

This Video Tutorial of PHP in Hindi and English mix language makes it easy for students and professionals to learn PHP. This is best for those who wish to learn and gain knowledge of PHP scripting language.

Complete List of Tutorials

Introduction To Php - CD1
The Origin Of Php - CD1
Features Of Php - CD1
Why Use Php - CD1
How Php Works With The Web Server - CD1
Interfaces To External Systems - CD1
What You Should Know - CD1
Hardware And Software Requirements - CD1
Installing Wamp In Windows - CD1
Important Points Related To Wamp - CD1
Making Mysql Password Protected - CD1
Installing Notepad++ - CD1
Writing First Php Script - CD1
Php Tags - CD1
Embedding With Html - CD1
Hello World Script - CD1
Execution Of Php Page - CD1
Comments - CD1
Variables - CD1
Outputting Static Data To The Browser - CD1
Outputting Dynamic Data To The Browser - CD1
Expression Operand And Operators - CD1
Arithmetic Operator - CD1
Assignment Operators - CD1
Equality Operator - CD1
String Operator - CD1
Increment And Decrement Operator - CD1
Comparison Operator - CD1
Logical Operator - CD1
Logical Operator(Example) - CD1
Bitwise Operator - CD2
Example Of Bitwise And And Or - CD2
Operator Precedence - CD2
Operator Associativity - CD2
Constants - CD2
Datatypes - CD2
Integers And Floats - CD2
Strings Functions - CD2
Strings - CD2
Boolean - CD2
Arrays - CD2
Objects - CD2
Resources - CD2
Null Types - CD2
Type Juggling - CD2
If Statement - CD2
The Else Statements - CD2
The Elseif Statements - CD2
Some Complex Comparision - CD2
Switch Statement - CD2
The Ternary Operator - CD2
While Loop - CD2
Do While Loop - CD2
For Loop - CD2
Foreach Loop - CD2
Foreach Loop Example - CD2
Nested Loop - CD2
Continue Statement - CD2
Break Statement - CD2
Goto Statement - CD2
Functions - CD2
Creating Function - CD2
Passing Arguments By Value - CD2
Scope Of Variable - CD2
Passing Arguments By Reference - CD2
Default Argument Values - CD2
Return Statement - CD2
Calculating Factorial Of The Number - CD2
Recursive Function - CD2
Array Revised - CD3
Associative Array - CD3
Adding Array Elements - CD3
Removimg Array Elements - CD3
Locating Array Elements - CD3
Array_Walk Method - CD3
Determining Array Size And Uniqueness - CD3
Merging And Combining Arrays - CD3
Array Intersection - CD3
Array Differences - CD3
Sorting - CD3
Array Of An Array - CD3
What Is Oop - CD3
Classes And Objects - CD3
Oops Fundamental Concept - CD3
Creating Classes - CD3
Property Or Method Scope - CD3
Public Property - CD3
Private Property - CD3
__Set And __Get Methods - CD3
Constants In A Class - CD3
Methods - CD3
Constructor - CD3
Destructor - CD3
Static Members - CD3
Instanceof Keyword - CD3
Autoloading Classes And Object(Part1) - CD3
Autoloading Classes And Object(Part2) - CD3
Oops Features Not Supported By Php - CD3
Object Cloning - CD3
__Clone Method - CD3
Inheritence - CD3
Inheritance And Constructors - CD3
Interfaces - CD3
Single Interfaces - CD3
Abstract Classes - CD3
Multiple Interface - CD3
Include Statement - CD4
Conditional Include - CD4
Other Inclusion Statements - CD4
Regular Expressions - CD4
Brackets And Quantifiers - CD4
Predefined Character Ranges - CD4
Performing A Search - CD4
Replacing Text - CD4
Searching An Array - CD4
Matching All Occurrences Of A Pattern - CD4
Comparing Two Strings - CD4
Similarity Between Two Strings - CD4
Manipulating String Case - CD4
Converting Newline Characters To Html Break Tags - CD4
Converting Array To String - CD4
File Introduction - CD4
Understanding File Permissions - CD4
File Accessing - CD4
Writing To Files - CD4
Deleting Files - CD4
Moving Pointer - CD4
Reading Files - CD4
File Details - CD4
Working With Directories - CD4
Unix Timestamp - CD4
Validating Dates - CD4
Formatting Dates - CD4
Working With Time - CD4
Working With Timestamp - CD4
Datetime Class - CD4
Introduction - CD5
Sending Mail By Senmail - CD5
Using Postcast Server - CD5
Downloading Phpmailer - CD5
Sending Mails By Using Phpmailer - CD5
Execption - CD5
Raising Exception - CD5
Creating Links - CD5
Passing Data From One Page To Another - CD5
Encoding - CD5
Forms - CD5
Cookies - CD5
Sessions - CD5
Headers - CD5
Page Redierction Through Headers - CD5
Output Buffering - CD5
Mysql Intro - CD5
Creating Database - CD5
Performing Curd Operations - CD5
Php With Mysql(Part1) - CD5
Php With Mysql(Part2) - CD5
Phpmyadmin - CD5
Phpmyadmin Features - CD5
Debugging - CD5
Blueprint - CD6
Cms Database - CD6
Relational Database - CD6
Projectsetup - CD6
Staff Menu - CD6
Includes - CD6
Inserting Records - CD6
Using Database - CD6
Navigation - CD6
Refactoring - CD6
Navigation Links - CD6
Getting Values - CD6
Selected Links - CD6
Find Subject - CD6
Finding Pages - CD6
Creating New Subject - CD6
Creating Subject Form - CD6
Storing In Database - CD6
Mysql Escape Sequences - CD6
Validation - CD6
Edit Subject(Part1) - CD6
Edit Subject(Part2) - CD6
Updation - CD6
Messages - CD6
Deletion - CD6
Page Curd(Part1) - CD6
Page Curd(Part2) - CD6
Public Area - CD6
Public Navigation - CD6
Role Of Visible Attribute - CD6
Overview Of Login Part - CD6
Encryption - CD6
Login Page - CD6
Authorization - CD6
Confrimaccess - CD6
Logout - CD6
Conclusion - CD6

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