• REVIT-2013- Video Training

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    REVIT - 2013 - Video Training

    Developed by : Smart Learning India


    Understand the basic concepts and principles of Revit Architecture 2013.
    Understand different terms used in Revit Architecture.
    Know the parametric behaviour of Revit Architecture.
    Start the Revit Architecture 2013 software.
    Use different components of the User Interface screen of Revit Architecture.
    Access the Revit 2013 Help and Autodesk WikiHelp.
    Know Worksharing using Revit Server.


    Start a new project.
    Set units of various measurement parameters for a project.
    Understand the concept of snaps, dimensions, and object snaps.
    Save a project.
    Modify parameters and settings of a project.
    Close a project and exit Revit Architecture.
    Open an existing project.
    Explore the building model using viewing tools.
    Use the Navigation tools.
    Exercises & Projects.


    Understand the concept of walls.
    Understand the properties of walls.
    Use the sketching tools to create walls.
    Create exterior walls based on the given parameters.
    Create interior walls based on the given parameters.
    Exercises & Projects.


    Understand the concept of doors.
    Understand various properties of doors.
    Add doors to the exterior and interior walls.
    Understand the concept of windows.
    Understand various properties of windows.
    Add windows to the building model.
    Create door and window openings in walls.
    Add Openings in the Walls.
    Exercises & Projects.


    Create a selection set of elements.
    Move and copy elements.
    Use the Trim and Extend tools.
    Use the Cut and Paste tools.
    Understand the use of the Rotate, Mirror and Offset tools.
    Create an array of elements using the Array tool.
    Use the Match, Align, Delete, Lock, and Group tools.
    Split walls using the Split tool.
    Exercises & Projects.


    Understand the concept of levels.
    Create multiple levels in a project.
    Understand the usage and concept of using grids in a project.
    Create rectangular and circular grids in a project file.
    Use the Work Plane and Reference Plane tools in a project.
    Create a plan view in a project.
    Create and understand the usage of the elevation view.
    Create section views and modify their properties.
    Understand the use of the Scope Box tool.
    Exercises & Projects.


    Understand the concept of floor.
    Create floors using the Floor tool.
    Create roofs using the Roof tool.
    Use the shape editing tools for floor, roof and slabs.
    Create ceilings using the Ceiling tool.
    Create openings in the floor, roof and ceiling.
    Create rooms using the Room tool.
    Join walls with the other walls and roofs.
    Exercises & Projects.


    Add various components to a building model.
    Create stairs using the Stairs tool.
    Add railings to various locations in a project using the Railing tool.
    Understand the procedure of adding ramps to a building model.
    Add curtain walls with doors and mullions.
    Copy elements from one level to another.
    Exercises & Projects.


    Add tags to building elements using the Tag tool.
    Add room tags to the interior spaces using the Room Tag tool.
    Add symbols to project view using the Symbol tool.
    Create dimensions using various dimensioning tools.
    Modify dimensions based on given parameters.
    Add spot elevation to a building model using the Spot Elevation tool.
    Exercises & Projects.


    Add drawing sheets to a project using the Sheet tool.
    Add views to the drawing sheet.
    Modify view properties of the drawing sheet.
    Add schedules to the drawing sheet.
    Modify the building model on the drawing sheet.
    Create Duplicate Dependent Views.
    Print drawing sheets and project view.
    Exercises & Projects.


    Create a rendered scene.
    Set natural and artificial lighting.
    Use different materials and textures.
    Create and render a walk through.
    Add people and vehicles to a building model.
    Use the Decal tool.
    Exercises & Projects.