• Windows Server 2012 Video Tutorial And Training for System Administrator - in Hindi | Level - 2

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    Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Video Tutorial And Training | In Hindi | Level 2

    This tutorial has been designed for all those students and professionals who wish to gain knowledge on Windows 2012 Server operating system. In this training program Author has explained about Windows Server, Specified Roles and Features which are very useful for IT Engineers to perform various duties in their respective organizations.

    In today's world having knowledge on Windows Server's and it's roles has become very important because almost every organization's are using Windows Server's for their business needs.

    Start watching these tutorials to configure your own Windows Server today.

    • Product Name : Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Video Training Course in Hindi
    • Language : Hindi and English Mix. (Mostly Hindi)
    • Content : DVD
    • Suitable For :  IT Engineers, IT Professionals
    • Delivery in India & all across world.  (For out of India Customer's download link will be provided)


    Free Sample Video's

    Tutorials Available for Paid Members

    Server History
    • Microsoft Server 2012 Tutorials - Part 1 - History Part A
    • Microsoft Server 2012 Tutorials - Part 2 - History Part B

    Server Introduction
    • Windows Server 2012 Introduction And Features
    • Windows Server 2012 - New Interface - Tour

    Understanding Windows Server 2012
    • Roles / Features Removed or deprecated in Windows Server 2012
    • Understanding the Process of Role Deployment
    • Promote Server to Domain Controller
    • Understanding AD Technical Terms
    • Windows Server 2012 - Understanding Server Roles And Services
    • Windows Server 2012 - Disable Server Manager Auto Start

    Get Evaluation Copy
    • Get Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Evaluation Copy | Download ISO Installation copy

    • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 - Planning-Server-Installation
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 - Installation

    Active Directory
    • Understanding AD DS - Windows Server 2012
    • Active Directory Domain Services Overview
    • Creating Active Directory
    • Adding Member to main AD Server
    • Adding / Join Client Computer on Domain Server
    • Creating User's on Domain Controller
    • Assigning Rights to Users
    • Resolving problem / errors arising at the time of joining Client Computer on Domain.

    • What is FTP
    • What is FTP Server
    • Installing FTP Server on Windows Server 2012
    • Configuring FTP Server on Windows Server 2012
    • Installing FTP Client Application
    • Understanding to Use FTP client
    • Understanding and using Folder Browser for file transfer

    • What Is IIS
    • Install IIS
    • Configuring IIS Server
    • Create HTML test page with "TEXT"
    • Create HTML test page with "IMAGE"
    • Test Web pages
    • Configure and Enable directory browsing in IIS and make download server

    Server Disk Quota Management
    • Understating Disk Quota System
    • Configure Disk Quota System

    Server Add in Server Manager
    • Understanding Adding Server to Server manager
    • Adding Server to Server manager

    Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

    • Understanding D.H.C.P
    • Installing D.H.C.P
    • Configuring D.H.C.P Server
    • Testing D.H.C.P Working


      • What is Hyper V
      • Advantages of Hyper V
      • Installing Hyper V
      • Configuring Hyper V
      • Creating Virtual Machine
      • Networking between two Computers.